Best malware removal tools:

Best malware removal tools I recommend are all free online & easy to use…..

(However I would encourage you to buy them for proactive maintenance and for protecting your PC in the future.)

  • Malwarebytes– Great for first level detection of malware. You can  buy it Here (High recommended) *Will run along side your actual anti virus program, A GREAT second source*. I strongly suggest you purchase this software as it will do wonders for you in the future, click the link above for more details.You can also get the free limited copy here


  • Hitman pro– Great tool to run along side of Malwarebytes. You can get it free Here. May want to see if Amazon has the paid version for full protection.                                                                                                     
  • Tdsskiller– This tool has been around for awhile but is quick and can be a huge help in detecting /removing deep rootkits. You can get it for free here                                                                                
  • Ccleaner– This tool is a MUST. Even if you are not infected this tool will help speed up your computer dramatically ,  I would run weekly. Ccleaner tool frees up space on your hard drive by deleting useless files — old temporary files created by programs, temporary Internet files for Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Firefox and much more.    You can buy it Here   ( Highly Recommended)   You get the free limited access copy here                                                                                                               
  • JRT Removal (Junkware removal tool)  This tool is a hidden gem . Removes adware, toolbars, and other malicious, suspicious, removing not only the unwanted program but also any traces left behind in your Registry and other places on your PC.   You can get it for free  Here 
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I have been using these programs for years and I think they are best in the business for detecting and removing malware. I have tons of other Malware removal programs that are deeper and requires more interaction that I will post elsewhere on my site, but the software listed above  is the best for beginners.

*I would consider purchasing Malwarebytes & ccleaner from the link above even they are free you will not get the full proactive maintenance for protecting your PC. (Both software’s are a MUST have)*

*** Please run these Programs at your own risk** *

Feel free to email or post a comment with any questions or help.


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