Frequently Asked Questions:


1) Is windows XP & Vista still supported – No, Windows XP ended support on April 8 2014 & Windows Vista ended on April 11, 2017. No further updates are available. If you are still running either operating  system you should upgrade ASAP as it is a HUGE security hole for malware etc.

2) When is Windows 7 end of life –   Windows 7 end of life is set for around January 14, 2020. Please make plans ahead of time to upgrade.

3) Where do most Malware/Viruses come here – From working in the field I see that most malware either comes from emails from a bogus sender with an attachment that is opened that contains the virus by the user (Usually like a fake UPS, Fedex email,Google drive, dropbox etc) Also the internet itself is another huge window of opportunity for malware. Be cautious of the choice  of websites you decide to visit….

4) Do I really need a backup– YES! A backup nowadays is essential! A Lot of the new malware (Ransomware) infections can encrypt your files and if you do not have a backup they could be gone forever.

5)What Anti virus Software does the best job– Personally at my office we use Webroot Anti virus for all of our clients and it does an amazing job!  Webroot Catches a lot of the infections before they actually run and infect the system by blocking them. You can buy it here  if interested (Highly Recommend!)

6) I need a new PC what should I buy– This is hard question to answer. Vary’s for each user. How often do you plan on using it? What is your budget? Is it for work or personal use?Check out amazon here they have some great prices on  new PCs/Laptops with Windows 10

7) What version of office suite should I get – Unfortunately, Microsoft has pushed everyone to Office 365 which is now an annual subscription depending on the suite you decide to go with.

8) How many years does a standard laptop last for–  I would say on average between 4-5 years .

9) How often should my PC/Laptop be tuned up. I recommend to our walkin customers at the shop every 6 months if possible to make sure you device is running at its best.

10) My Computer (Not laptop) will not turn on, now what- This is a tricky one.. First you want to make sure the outlet you are plugged into is working. Second and usually the cause is that the power supply shorted out (usually  a low cost fix). However sometimes it ends up being the main motherboard that can be costly and usually not worth fixing.

11) My Laptop will not turn on, now what- First check the Battery in the back of the laptop, remove the battery  and hold the power button for 5 secs place the battery back in and try again. If that does not work try a new power charger. In extreme causes it could even be the power jack (DC JACK) or the main motherboard

12) Whats the best Web browser to use –  I have been using google chrome for years it is fast and efficient for me, Security may not be top of the line but I have never had any issues. Windows 10 now comes with Microsoft Edge.

More to come!

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