Backup Your PC:

Backing up your PC/laptop is Essential nowadays. Many malware infections can encrypt your files and they can become unrecoverable if you do not have a backup in place. Below are some options I would consider per your budget.


If you are on a tight budget and can not afford to pay for a monthly online cloud service I would recommend just getting an external drive from the link below and placing your files inside & storing in a safe place for a rainy day (Hopefully never needed, but could be a lifesaver)

** Size of drive will depend on how much data you plan to backup. Below is a “WD 1TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0”



If you are interested in an online Cloud backup service that stores your data on the cloud it will most likely require a monthly subscription. Some of the most well know vendors for this service are: Carbonite, Idrive, SugarSync. The list goes on and on.