Malware Removal:

Protect My PC! Malware removal tools & tips for beginners. Stop in to find the easiest most reliable malware /anti-virus tools to keep your computer protected & running at its best all the time! Never have a slow or infected PC again. Stop letting these malware infections cause you major downtime and steal your hard earn money/data!

Some of the Main topics covered here:

  • Malware removal tools for malware/spyware/ransomware infections for beginners
  • Stop paying high computer repair bills & limit your downtime
  • Learn how to setup your local backup on your machine without a monthly cost and protect your data
  • Stop giving your hard earned money to these bogus scammers online
  • Find out if you are infected by taking a quick quiz
  • Tips for speeding up your PC
  • Learning the different types of malware and how they infect you.
  • Having a backup plan when disaster strikes
  • FAQ page
  • Top Anti-Virus software on the market that I recommend
  • And much more….

Alittle about me:

I have been working in the I.T field for almost 7 years. I currently work for an MSP company (Managed Service Provider) We manage over 900 Clients PCs/servers on a daily basis. I have extreme knowledge in how malware works and how to remove infections. Everything on my site is 100% legit. Feel free to email me with any questions I would to glad to help.My email is


** In addition is intended to provide basic home users with knowledge & expertise in removing malware while in the comfort of their own home! Please use all tools on the site at your own risk! Feel free to email any questions or concerns you may have. I would glad you help you with your malware removal! Please consider buying the tools I suggested they will help you immensely!

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